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Fruit Cru 'L'Orange' Pét Nat Cider 2023

Fruit Cru 'L'Orange' Pét Nat Cider 2023

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"A tribute to the Orange wines of Northern Italy. A short, sharp maceration on Pinot Gris skins from Wairarapa natural wine legend Lance (Cambridge Road). This one went quick and we had it in bottle within a couple of weeks of pressing.

Six months later and it's ready to fly. A rich and textural pét nat cider with a deep orange hue and oodles of complexity. Vinous in nature with a broad fruit spectrum ranging from finger lime to table grape.

The lines are blurred so don't overthink it. Sit back and drink it!

750ml - 7.8% abv

Wild ferment, no additives, bottled live.

1200 Bottles Produced"