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Known Unknown 'Bloody Vermouth' 500ml

Known Unknown 'Bloody Vermouth' 500ml

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"Bloody Vermouth is our signature Vermouth made to showcase intense blood orange flavour and is ideal in a Negroni (we recommend switching out the gin for mezcal), Manhattan or over ice to sip.

This is our biggest and best batch and is built on a base of organic Bridge Pa Syrah with intense blood orange, fine bitterness from wormwood and cinchona bark and soft spice fronted by cardamom and a hint of saffron. It is back-sweetened to 40g/l which we found to be the perfect sweetness to heighten the aromatic and citrus punch. It is also now bottled in a more impressive clear glass spirts bottle making it ideal for gifting.

Ingredients: Organic Hawkes Bay Syrah, Imported Blood Oranges, Taranaki Oranges, Bitter Herbs, Spices, Neutral Spirit and Sugar. 15.5% ABV"